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DZ Ding-based development of the UN seals

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UN type: Piston and piston rod seals exclusive

Material / Substance
Material: L-93
Gravity (ASTM D792): 1.9
Hardness (ASTM D2240): 90 ± 2
Tensile strength (ASTM D412): 397
100 modulus (ASTM D412): 97
300 modulus (ASTM D412): 175
22 hours 70 ℃ compression deformation rate (ASTM D395): 14
22 hours deformation rate of 100 ℃ (ASTM D395): 27
Working conditions
Maximum working pressure: 35Mpa
Working speed :0.33-0 .5m/sec
Operating temperature: -20 ℃ - 100 ℃
Oil resistance
Material: L-93
Test oil: wear hydraulic oil
Material: L-93
Test temperature (℃): 100/120
Test time (hours) 100/100
Hardness range (Shore A): 0/-1
Tensile strength change -12/-21
Volume change (): 0.04/0.68
    Taiwan tripod base (DZ) seal material is Taiwan tripod base polyurethane independent research and development company, has good mechanical properties, excellent wear resistance, excellent oil resistance, it is in the most high-pressure hydraulic cylinder often used in sealing material. Compared with the rubber has better wear resistance, mechanical strength, longer life, so many of the original rubber seal of the occasion to switch to polyurethane seal.

     Ding-based Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981, twenty years, has been uphold the idea of specializing in the production, oil seals, Department of tripod-based company's three departments of a major product. Ding-based chemical industry to produce polyurethane seals since the factory has more than two thousand die group, so a broad range reflects the tripod base is also expertise in the oil seal, and easy to make inventory management to provide better services for customers. Tripod base has been renowned in the professional seal, but we do not therefore meet the still ongoing development and innovation to maintain the leading brands in the industry's position.
A lot more for their customers and a wider range of stock, tripod base is constantly pursued.
We have been in the company's Web site offers daily updates on the inventory table,
So that our customers can meet their needs at your fingertips.
Ding-based company specializing in hydraulic cylinder with various types of polyurethane materials and dust seal U-shaped seal, polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance, extensibility, strength and long life.
So many, the high-pressure hydraulic cylinders are already using polyurethane seal.

    U-shaped seal for the hydraulic cylinder of the most widely used seal, regardless of the piston or rod can be used to get a good seal.
According to their internal and external lip seal design can be divided into the shape of the hole, and pore-axis universal shaft with three kinds of purposes.
Short and thick lips were outside the hole, as represented by D-1; in short, thick lips and those with the axis, as represented by D-2;
The lips were the size of the hole axis of symmetry General to UN representatives. Features
    All hydraulic cylinders are required to install dust seal, and its function in the adhesion of dust pollution in the axis of scraping
Protection of seals and other components inside are not affected.
Dust seal lips also has a secondary sealing function of both.
    Marketing all over Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia Europe and the United States.
    Existing global famous trademark; DINTEX, DINGZINGFILM, DINDEX, DZU-SEALS.

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